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Discovering Life Coaching, NLP and LOA

I officially started my Life Coaching career with Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and the Law of Attraction (LOA) in 2012 after qualifying as a NLP Master Practitioner. Unofficially, I started my coaching career at a very young age before I was even able to recognise what I was doing.

Throughout my career I have always had a passion for supporting others and finding ways to help them achieve and develop. This has given me a great deal of personal satisfaction.

Discovering NLP and the LOA has been fabulous and made me realise that a lot of the work that I had been doing was linked closely with the thoughts and processes behind NLP and the LOA. Therefore NLP and the LOA quickly resonated with my map of the world.

I am so excited to now be in a position where I can use my NLP and LOA skills, experience, tools and techniques to work more closely with people helping them overcome their limitations and be enabled to achieve their dreams and desires.

My Background

My career started in 1980 when I joined Argos Distributors Ltd. I was with Argos for 8 years becoming Assistant Store Manager before leaving to join British Gas. It was during my time at British Gas when my professional career in Human Resources began and I commenced my Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development studies at Bournemouth University.

Following an 8 year career at British Gas I moved to a Human Resources, Recruitment Consultant role at Liverpool Victoria (LV). It was with LV that I studied Psychometrics adding Level A and Level B certificates to my portfolio and where I worked closely with both Occupational Psychologists and NLP Practitioners. I was with LV for 3 ½ years before joining the NHS at the Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth. During my time with the NHS I spent 5 years at the Queen Alexandra Hospital and 5 years at Poole Hospital.

I completed a number of courses and Leadership programmes with the NHS and it was while working at the Queen Alexandra that I was given the opportunity of attending a NLP Foundation course and from then on I was hooked.

With work and life it has taken me a while to achieve my qualification as a NLP Master Practitioner and I am very fortunate that life presented itself in such a way as to give me that opportunity during 2012.

I have always had a passion for helping people and I know that we all have the resources we need to achieve anything we want. It's just that sometimes we need a little help to uncover what we already know.

My Qualifications

Subject Accreditation Date
Life Coaching Diploma Advanced Life Coaching Institute 2012
LOA Basic Practitioner Global Sciences Foundation 2012
NLP Master Practitioner NLP Academy/ITA 2012
Chartered Fellow of CIPD CIPD 2011
NLP Practitioner INLPTA 2008
Diploma in NLP INLPTA 2007
NLP Foundation Programme INLPTA 2006
Chartered Member of CIPD CIPD 2005
Level B British Psychological Society 2001
Level A British Psychological Society 2000


"My eating habits were out of control and life was literally 'weighing' me down. Debi has helped me to gain control of many areas of my life leading to successful weight loss and a much more positive and happy lifestyle. We have now started to work on me taking more responsibility over my finances to end my burden of debt. I just know that with Debi to help I will achieve everything I hope for in this area of my life too." JM – Bournemouth

"Although I am an outgoing, bubbly person who loves to meet new people; I suffer from a certain phobia and panic attacks. Debi offered me her services and together we had an informal chat and discussed how we would tackle the problem. I have been to counselling in the past and have not been keen on the way I've been patronised - this is nothing like that and I felt very relaxed in Debi's presence. A few days later I started to have a panic attack, and then out of nowhere it was like a barrier just blocked it. Somewhere my mind told me there was nothing to be afraid of, even though I was still really frightened, it was like my 'second mind' (my subconscious I suppose) just halted the fear to a complete stop. It was strange, but so good. I will definitely be returning for further sessions :)" FM – Kinson

"This lady can provide you with the tools and the right mind-set to achieve anything! Anything is possible :-)" NS - Boscombe

"Being an actor was something I'd always dreamed about but didn't take the opportunity until later in life. I was very nervous and had no self-confidence to take on a lead role. With Debi's life coaching help I am very proud to say that I have found the confidence I needed to attend auditions and have recently played the role of Fagin in Oliver! A part I had only dreamed about before. I am really looking forward to all I can achieve in the future and playing my next role of Tateh in Ragtime the Musical." MM – Southbourne

"Attractive mind is the best life coaching in Dorset." AF - Boscombe

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Debi Reeves NLP Bournemouth

Debi Reeves - My Values:

  • Honesty – Being open and honest with you at all times
  • Fairness – Treating and valuing you equally and fairly, with dignity and respect
  • Confidentiality – Holding and treating all details and information from and about you securely and in the strictest confidence
  • Helping people – Sharing learning and experience that provides encouragement for you
  • Passion – Being passionate about working with and helping you at every encounter and opportunity
  • Fun – Being able to find the right times to share humour and laughter together and to always greet you with a smile

Through my qualifications I am a member of the following organisations:

  • International Trainers Academy of NLP
  • Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development
  • International NLP Trainers Association
  • British Psychological Society

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