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Finding YOUR Happiness

“What you do today is important, because you are exchanging a day of your life for it.”  ~ Unknown

Each day of your live should be spent doing something you love, feel passionate about and that makes you feel happy.

Although you know this deep down, many of you will still sacrifice your happiness for a pay cheque, approval from others or some other external reason.

If you’ve ever felt as if there was something standing in your way of living a passion filled life that YOU would love, these 4 steps, repeated regularly, will invite more passion into your life now and always.

Step 1: Focus on the things that bring you joy - Write down 3 things that you truly enjoy doing. It can be anything; reading, writing, going out with friends, and so on. Once you know these things, fit a chunk of time for each activity into your weekly schedule. Doing even a few things that you love on a consistent basis can dramatically increase your overall happiness.

Step 2: Stop over-thinking - Our minds can often be our worst enemies. If you find yourself over-analysing, worrying or obsessing about a certain situation, take conscious action to let it go. Face your emotions, talk to someone you trust for advice, do what can be done about the situation and then set yourself free from over-thinking.

Step 3: Take action on something - Is there something you’ve been holding back on in your life? Perhaps you’ve been waiting for the right moment to say something to a loved one, or you’ve been wanting to ask your boss to take on a new project, or anything else… take a leap of faith and do it now! There will never be the ‘perfect’ moment, so stop wasting your time waiting for it. The universe rewards action, so do what needs to be done, today :)

Step 4: Follow your inner voice - Trust yourself, listen to your instincts and believe in yourself to do the right thing. You are an infinitely powerful being with limitless knowledge. Love yourself and do what makes YOU feel good!

PS. If you’re feeling discouraged and as though you’ll never achieve a life free of stress or worries and want support and encouragement to make the changes you want in your life – call me! 

Have fun and be happy :)

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