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Finding YOUR Happiness

“What you do today is important, because you are exchanging a day of your life for it.”  ~ Unknown

Each day of your live should be spent doing something you love, feel passionate about and that makes you feel happy.

Although you know this deep down, many of you will still sacrifice your happiness for a pay cheque, approval from others or some other external reason.

If you’ve ever felt as if there was something standing in your way of living a passion filled life that YOU would love, these 4 steps, repeated regularly, will invite more passion into your life now and always.

Step 1: Focus on the things that bring you joy - Write down 3 things that you truly enjoy doing. It can be anything; reading, writing, going out with friends, and so on. Once you know these things, fit a chunk of time for each activity into your weekly schedule. Doing even a few things that you love on a consistent basis can dramatically increase your overall happiness.

Step 2: Stop over-thinking - Our minds can often be our worst enemies. If you find yourself over-analysing, worrying or obsessing about a certain situation, take conscious action to let it go. Face your emotions, talk to someone you trust for advice, do what can be done about the situation and then set yourself free from over-thinking.

Step 3: Take action on something - Is there something you’ve been holding back on in your life? Perhaps you’ve been waiting for the right moment to say something to a loved one, or you’ve been wanting to ask your boss to take on a new project, or anything else… take a leap of faith and do it now! There will never be the ‘perfect’ moment, so stop wasting your time waiting for it. The universe rewards action, so do what needs to be done, today :)

Step 4: Follow your inner voice - Trust yourself, listen to your instincts and believe in yourself to do the right thing. You are an infinitely powerful being with limitless knowledge. Love yourself and do what makes YOU feel good!

PS. If you’re feeling discouraged and as though you’ll never achieve a life free of stress or worries and want support and encouragement to make the changes you want in your life – call me! 

Have fun and be happy :)

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What does 2014 hold for you?

What would you like to be different in your life in 2014?

Moving forward with making important changes in our lives can be really hard without support and accountability.

So to help you take that first positive step I am offering a fabulous New Year gift.

20% off for the first 5 people to contact me in 2014[1].

If you are ready to make some real changes then contact me in confidence 07919 033540 and we can have a chat about the changes you want to make, the dreams you want to realise and how I can help you.

Don’t delay – call today!

Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Make this YOUR 2014! :)

Have fun & be happy!

Debi :)

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If you wake each morning lacking enthusiasm for your day…

If you are bored or fed up about the way your life is…

If you are always comparing yourself with those who are living an awesome life…

Then make 2014 your time for change.  To change the way you feel and to focus on creating something amazing for yourself.

Your life is only as difficult, depressing, boring or unfair as you believe it to be.

You have a choice. You can continue to focus on all the negative or you can transfer your energy into bringing out the positive aspects of life.

When you approach life doing what you have always done, with the same level of thinking you’ve always had, you will get the same results.

So, choose an amazing life by believing wholeheartedly that it’s possible.

Choose an amazing life knowing that you are worthy of it.

For help and support in making time and space each day to create the life you want and keeping it a priority to take care of yourself in 2014 – Contact me 07919 033540.


So what are you going to choose for 2014?  Don’t delay – call today! :)

Have fun & be happy!

Debi :)

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Relationships – How was it for you in 2013?

Is 2013 coming to a close with you feeling lonely or lost?

Are you missing that loving feeling a good partner brings?

Are you lacking the confidence needed to attract someone new and special?

This time of year it is easy to find yourself looking around at what others have and wondering why it’s not happening for you.

Do you want to exude love to improve your relationship or attract a new partner in 2014?

To give your love life the boost it needs for 2014, do this! :)

  • Adopt a confident, relaxed posture.  Your body language speaks volumes and can reveal a lot about you before you even say a word!
  • Focus on your breathing.  Breathe slower and deeper.  With each breath, let go of any insecurities and breathe in a calm and balanced sense of being.
  • Listen to your favourite feel-good music.  Find six tracks that make you feel happy and play those tracks on repeat when you need an extra happiness boost.
  • Visualise yourself as a calm, capable and attractive individual.  Believe in yourself and the relationship you want.
  • Look sharp!  Wear clothes that make you feel and look good.  Have your hair cut and styled.  When you feel and look like a million dollars, you will exude greater confidence and feel more relaxed and become more attractive.
  • Smile! When you smile with genuine warmth and sincerity as you go about your day and particularly at or with your partner or person you are attracted to, you will relax and feel much better about yourself and the world.

For more help and support with bringing the zest back into your relationship or with building your confidence in attracting your new partner contact me



Have fun & be happy!

Debi :)

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Where are you?

As the summer closes and autumn approaches, where are you?

Where would you like to be?

What changes would you like to make so that things are different for you by this time next year?

Message me to arrange a free, no obligation chat over coffee, either in person, on the phone or via Skype.  Let’s see if we can at least get those wheels oiled so that you can start your journey.

Have fun & be happy!

Debi :)

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How to Stop Negative Thoughts

Put simply – you sow good thoughts!

When you seek to stop negative thoughts, you have to focus on them – which is what you don’t want to do as through the law of attraction you will attract more negative thoughts.  Seeking to stop them, control them or push them away requires focus.  By the law of attraction you are inviting more of them to you.  When you focus on them they will never disappear.

To stop negative thoughts, just sow good thoughts! Deliberately! You can do this by taking the time to appreciate all the things around you. Appreciate your health, your car, your home, your family, your job, your friends, your surroundings, your meals, your pets, and the magnificent beauty of the day. Give thanks to all things, no matter how big or small. Every time you say “Thank you” it is a good thought! The more good thoughts you can sow, the quicker the negative thoughts will disappear. Why? Because your focus is now on good thoughts and what you focus on you attract.

If or when you get any negative thoughts make light of them, shake them off, and let them be your reminder to deliberately and immediately think more good thoughts.

The more good thoughts you can sow in a day, the more good you will attract to your life. If you spend only one day speaking of good things and saying “Thank you” at every single opportunity, you will transform your tomorrow. Deliberately thinking good thoughts is like sowing seeds, the more you sow the more will grow until you create your own garden of beauty – that is your life.

Have fun & be happy!

Debi :)

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Live YOUR Dream

Are you doing what you really want to do?

What’s stopping you?

Life is your opportunity to make your dreams come true.  Here’s how you can make it happen: Continue reading

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A Dream Come True

Congratulations and well done Andy Murray!!

A true life example of guts and determination in making your dream your reality. With the support of your Coaching team you have kept your faith and belief in your ability to achieve your desire. You are a fantastic role model for us all.

Thank you!

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National No Smoking Day – 13th March 2013

Thinking about taking part and not sure whether you can?

Worried that you might fail and what others might say, maybe they will doubt you or make fun?

What if others were to think more of you and be proud of your achievements as a non-smoker?

Follow these 4 simple steps to become a ‘non-smoker’.

1. Make a list:

    • Of the reasons why you want to stop smoking;
    • Of the things that you will be able to do and achieve as a non-smoker;
    • Keep it handy so that you can easily refer to it throughout the day;
    • Add new things to it as you think of them;
    • Keep it positive.

2. Make yourself a ‘money box’ so that you can put the money you would normally spend on cigarettes into it.  Decorate it by cutting out or drawing pictures of what you would like to save for: holiday; jewellery; clothes; car; bike; shoes; washing machine; coffee maker.  Make your ‘money box’ colourful and fun.

3. Get yourself a Life Coach who will provide non-judgemental, confidential support and encouragement. Someone who will be there to help you overcome barriers or obstacles and keep you on track.

4. Take advantage of a special offer with me as your life coach by booking a 4 session coaching programme before 13th March (sessions can be scheduled to be taken from 14th March to 31st May 2013) and receive a 50% discount.  Start by booking your free no obligation session to find out whether working with me is right for you.

Your new ‘non-smoking’ life starts here!

Have fun & be happy!

Debi :)

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Love Attracts Love!

If you find yourself in a negative situation with someone in your life, take a few minutes each day to feel love within your heart for that person.  This will help to remove any anger, resentment or negativity that you may have for them.

Remember – what you are feeling is attracted back to you.

Feeling love will therefore, attract love back to you.

Feeling anger, resentment or negativity will attract that back to you too.

What you are feeling for another you are bringing to you.

Feel love within your heart and bring love to you and those around you.

Have fun, feel love, & be happy!

Debi :)

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